Tivat Bay Tour

This tour includes visiting Our Lady Of The Rocks, St. George, Our Lady Of Mercy, panoramic sightseeing of St. Mark island, the Island Of Flowers, Porto Montenegro + swim time, snorkeling, cliff-jumping


Duration app. 5 hours
Price: 30 euros per hour

The tour starts at Dobrota 101 or close to your apartment. Followed by the presentation of the itinerary that can be tailored to  accommodate your special interests.

In the first part of our trip we will visit the islands of the Kotor bay, and Perast. Please visit our Most popular tour page for details of the first part.

When we set sail for the Tivat bay, first we pass the Verige Strait.

The Verige strait is the narrowest part of the bay 340 m wide and 2320 m long. One of the legends says Verige (the Chains) were named after the chains they once set up to defend Perast, Risan and Kotor from enemy attacks. The cape Verige was once Turkish, so even today it is evidenced on nautical charts under the name Turkish Cape. On the other side of the narrowest part of the bay is church Our Lady of the Snow .

Near Tivat there is an archipelago of three islands – the island with the church of Our Lady of Mercy (15th cent.), St. Mark, and the Island of flowers. There are numerous legends about all the islands. On the island of Our Lady of Mercy there is a nunnery of the same name, the Church of the Virgin, and a courtyard with a gallery, garden, sundial. This archipelago decoratiion of the Tivat bay, just as the Perast islands are the decoration of the Kotor bay.

Returning from the Tivat bay towards Kotor, guests can enjoy the view of Vrmac. Vrmac is a peninsula and is located between the Bay of Kotor and Tivat. To the west, Vrmac descends towards the Strait of Verige. The highest peak is Sv. Elijah (782 m). In the past, it was of strategic importance, because the border between the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic passed through the Verige strait.