Herceg Novi Bay Tour

This tour includes a tour of the sights of the Bay of Kotor and the Straits of Verige. For more info on the first part of our trip please visit Our Most Popular Tour Page.

After touring the Bay of Kotor, we continue towards Herceg Novi Bay, which is bordered by the Lustica peninsula on the south.


Duration app. 8 hours
Price: 30 euros per hour

Luštica peninsula is located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. The coast is extremely indented with many small bays and capes, and is almost 35 km long. The highest peak is Obosnik (586 m). The first records of Luštica date back in the 13th century. Luštica is known for its numerous olive groves, the famous Žanjic beach, Mirište bay, Arza fortress, Dobreč beach, and the fishing village Rose. Clear sea provides the opportunity for diving, cliff-jumping, fishing, sailing.

The Blue Cave is also located on the Lustica peninsula on the side of the open sea and territorially belongs to Herceg Novi.

It is located between the bay Zlatna Luka and Cape Mokra Gora. The cave has two openings, a smaller one from the south and a larger one from the southwest. Crystal blue color in the cave (which can be seen during swimming and diving) is created by reflections of the rays of sun that bounce off its walls.

We usually end our visit to the Blue Cave by 12:00 p.m. when we continue to the fishing village of Rose, where we take a break until 1:30 p.m., which you can use for lunch and other activities in the sea.

The village of Rose is located on the northwest coast of the Luštica peninsula, opposite Herceg Novi. There used to be a Rose Fortress. At the time of Austro-Hungary there was customs, because Rose was the first settlement at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. Today, Rose is a tourist destination and boasts a typical look of a Mediterranean town.

After touring the village of Rose, we head towards the abandoned submarine tunnels. These tunnels are an attraction for lovers of abandoned buildings. Rakite and Spilice are two military facilities located on the coast of Luštica, east of Rose. They were underground shelters for protection from aerial attacks of smaller warships and boats. They are round 100 m long, 10 meters wide and up to 5 meters deep. They were built to serve the former Yugoslav navy.